3 Reasons to Visit tenfold at Infosecurity Europe 2022

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Visit our booth at Infosec London from June 21 – 23 to meet our team in person and to have a little chat about the advantages of identity & access management with tenfold. You can find us at booth no. P69.

Why it’s worth taking a closer look at tenfold

Reason 1: Better Access Visibility – On-prem and in the Cloud

The foundation of good and effective access management is knowing who has access to what. Yes, it is that simple. That is the first step to (re)gaining control of the permissions and resources in your organization.

Whether you are currently working in a hybrid environment, just on-prem or have completed the full move to the cloud, tenfold always guarantees maximum transparency by tracking exactly who has access to critical data, who requested access, who approved it and who implemented changes.

Reason 2: Least Privilege Access

The principle of least privilege states that users should only have access to the data they absolutely need to do their jobs. No more and no less – every extra right poses an unnecessary security risk!

Especially users looking back on a long period of employment with the same company are at risk for accumulating excess access rights, for example when they move to a new department or take on extra projects. This process has a name – it is called a privilege creep! Most organizations do not have a regulated process in place to revoke those excess rights once they are no longer needed, putting them at high risk for privilege creep.

With tenfold’s user lifecycle management, you can rest assured that your users only ever have the permissions they need – no more and no less! tenfold further prompts user access reviews to ensure permissions are regularly re-examined and revoked if necessary.

Reason 3: tenfold is the No. 1 Access Management Solution for the Mid-Market Segment

tenfold is specifically designed to suit the needs of mid-market organizations with the perfect mix of automated tools and pre-built plugins. This combination allows our customers to quickly reap the benefits of automated permission management and avoid lengthy setup phases and unnecessary costs.


If you are a medium-sized organization and have lost track of who has access to your on-prem and cloud based data, and if you are looking for an easy way to increase data security by preventing privilege creep from happening, then tenfold is the solution for you.

Visit us at booth no. P69 where our team will gladly answer your questions and give you a live demonstration of tenfold and all its perks!

About the Author: Anna Heuss

Anna is a content writer and translator at tenfold. In her free time, she enjoys a good film and discussing with her 7-year-old whether ninjas or knights make the better warriors.