User Life Cycle Management

tenfold monitors the user life cycles of all IT users within your company. It illustrates all permissions of your IT users, from staff members entering or leaving the company, to department and location changes. The program is designed to help you keep a clear and simple overview of every single staff member’s IT permissions within the chosen timeline. Managing user life cycles is essential to the tenfold permission management system. Data can only be efficiently protected if staff permissions are administered and documented transparently, from the day of entry to the company, to the day of exit. This will also help you master IT audits and is essential for adhering to legal regulations, e.g. ISO 27000, GDPR, etc.

When a new person joins your company

New staff members must be registered in tenfold manually. Once this is done, however, all systems connected to tenfold (Active Directory, Dynamics NAV/AX/CRM, SAP ERP, Office 365, etc.) are then automatically updated and a new user account for each of these systems is created as well – based on the single tenfold entry made at the start. Of course, you can also simply import personal data from an HR system through database queries, web services or function calls, CVS or XML files, and you can set am automated timer for the import if you like. Attribute settings are freely configurable. tenfold automatically recognizes when new persons enter the company, as well as resignations and any modifications to master data.

Department or location changes

When a staff member of yours switches to a different department or a new location within the company, tenfold automatically adjusts their existing rights accordingly – but how does it do that? The answer is: by using its unique profile function. Staff members are automatically given the necessary basic rights as soon as they are assigned a specific profile. These profiles are based on staff departments, cost centers, positions or locations.

When someone leaves your company

When a staff member resigns or leaves the company, all of their existing rights can be withdrawn within seconds. This helps to prevent data or document theft.

Planning future requests

In tenfold, you can plan future permission assignments in advance. For example: August 1st – Mr. John Doe is to switch from your company’s internal sales department to the purchasing department. On Aug. 1st, you can tell tenfold to give Mr. Doe all IT rights needed for the purchasing department one month later, on September 1st, when the transition actually takes place. (By the way: you can comprise all standard rights for the purchasing department into a profile and re-use that profile again and again). Punctually, on Sept. 1st, Mr. Doe automatically receives all of the rights that were pre-defined one month earlier. This dynamic time function notably increases the IT department’s efficiency level. Working with time functions in tenfold means working without unnecessary stress factors. The whole process is also reversible – for instance: Mr. Doe is to keep all of his internal sales rights until October 1st because you want him to stay on until all projects have been handed over to his colleagues or completed. His rights are thus withdrawn automatically on October 2nd.

Take a look at the past

tenfold keeps a permission history of all conducted procedures. This means that you can retrieve any of your IT users’ previously deleted rights. You can use the “Quick Search” to search for a specific staff member and view both their current and expired rights.

Forgotten password?

Up to 50% of all helpdesk requests are about forgotten passwords. You can finally save that time and invest it elsewhere.

In tenfold, your users can reset their own passwords for Active Directory®, SAP® and other applications independently. The program supports secret questions, SMS and e-mail PINs. If you prefer not to give your users direct access to this function, or if it is not possible for some reason, helpdesk may also opt to validate persons for password-reset via tenfold (caller verification). Automatically generated initial passwords also help to save valuable time. In just two easy steps, users can reset their passwords by using the specially designed “tenfold Password Reset” portal, via their PCs or mobile devices.

HR-Daten-Import mit tenfold

Efficient import of HR data

Assign profiles in tenfold

Geplanter Request in tenfold

Plan permissions in advance

Quick Search-Funktion in tenfold

“Quick Search” for finding persons

Zeitsparende Passwort-Reset-Funktion in tenfold

Save time with password-reset

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It has never been easier to manage and keep track of your users and their access rights in one centralized software. Administrators, managers and your company as a whole will benefit from tenfold, as it provides a transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold can help you comply with standards, like ISO 27000, BSI, etc., and offers worthwhile functions for managing users and access rights.

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