IBM Notes® Plugin

Use tenfold to comfortably manage and keep track of your IT users and their mailboxes in IBM Notes®.


User management
Create, lock and unlock users.

Add or remove users from groups.

Mailbox and roaming
Optionally activate a mailbox or roaming.

Lock resources
Depending on the configuration, the attribute “Lockout ID” is set and/or the user is added to a “Deny Access Group”.

System Requirements

  • IBM Notes®/Domino version 9 or later
  • Communication via DIIOP
  • tenfold 2019 R3


Required License



Changes made to users or group memberships are automatically transferred to IBM Notes® by tenfold – which means that manual tasks are reduced and your valuable time is spared.

With tenfold’s intuitive HTML5 interface, users can request accounts or group memberships in IBM Notes® themselves. Change settings and privileges to determine the details.

Keep track of which users are members of which groups in IBM Notes® at all times.

Accounts and memberships can be grouped together with resources and privileges from other target systems and linked to organizational units.
Group memberships are assigned to users automatically and revoked again when required.

Integration of data owners
You can define data owners from different departments for IBM Notes®; they are responsible for granting requests and for monitoring group memberships at regular intervals.

Approval workflows
You can establish single-level or multi-level workflows. Escalations and substitutes are easy to configure.

Data owners can review group memberships regularly and mark those which are no longer required for removal. The assigned group memberships are then automatically revoked by tenfold.

Changes in IBM Notes® are documented automatically. You can access historical data at any time and see who had access to critical data.

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It has never been easier to manage and keep track of your users and their access rights in one centralized software. Administrators, managers and your company as a whole will benefit from tenfold, as it provides a transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold can help you comply with standards, like ISO 27000, BSI, etc., and offers worthwhile functions for managing users and access rights.

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