tenfold 2021 R2: New Plugin and Improved Microsoft® 365 Support for Even Faster Access Management

tenfold Software, an Austrian provider of IT security products specializing in mid-market organizations, has announced the latest version of its access management solution of the same name, tenfold. Version 2021 R2 of tenfold includes several new features for access management in Microsoft 365 environments as well as a new plugin for the integration of helpdesk systems. Thanks to these new features, the access review process is now fully automated, even within Microsoft 365 environments. The new helpdesk plugin further ups efficiency as it automates tasks that previously had to be done manually.

Recurring Reviews of Azure Active Directory® Permissions

To ensure all IT users within a company have the appropriate access rights, their assigned permissions must be reviewed and verified on a regular basis. However, considering the vast amounts of data we deal with today, reviewing (i.e. recertifying) all these permissions manually is a difficult, if not impossible, task. tenfold automates all of the tasks involved in recertification, from informing data owners about pending reviews to the automatic withdrawal of unneeded permissions. In addition to all previously supported systems, such as on-prem AD, file servers and other applications such as SAP ERP® or Dynamics NAV®, this functionality is now also available for permissions in Microsoft’s cloud service Azure Active Directory.

Automatic Access Reviews for Microsoft 365

The upgrade of tenfold’s access review feature to include Azure Active Directory was introduced at just the right time, as tenfold’s Senior Manager of Channel Sales, Helmut Semmelmayer, explains: “Data owner control of access rights and the ability to remove permission immediately as needed is at the top of the wish list for most companies. Not least due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have been driving forward the transition to Microsoft 365. We have adapted our IAM solution accordingly to ensure customers have access to and control of all the features and functionalities the platform offers.”

New Plugin for ManageEngine Service Desk Plus®

tenfold’s latest release further includes a plugin for the helpdesk system Service Desk Plus. Helmut Semmelmayer goes on to explain the motivation behind developing the plugin: “When systems lack sufficient interfaces to facilitate full automation, even highly automated access management processes within these systems still require manual input. But by integrating with helpdesk systems such as Service Desk Plus, IT admins can now trigger those manual processes through tenfold. It just makes life easier for them.“

To trigger a manual process, a new ticket is automatically generated via the API of the helpdesk system. The ticket is fed with all the necessary instructions for performing the manual task (the corresponding text templates can be stored in tenfold). As soon as the person working the ticket closes it in the helpdesk system, the new status is synchronized with tenfold. “We are pleased to add the widely used ticket system Service Desk Plus to our palette of supported systems”, says Helmut Semmelmayer. “After plugins for JIRA, TopDesk and OTRS, this is now the fourth tenfold plugin to include these features. For our mid-market customers, such integrations are highly valuable because it means tasks in tenfold and in the ticket systems do not have to serve parallel structures.”

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