Import User Data From Source Systems

What Is the Purpose of the Import Function?

Importing user data from HR systems is a very common process that is also very prone to errors. This is because user data has to be entered twice – once inside the HR software and once inside the target system or access management system. If done manually, the risk of errors is elevated. One common problem is that new users do not receive the privileges they need in time; another problem is orphaned accounts. Both problems are if HR fails to inform the affected department’s IT admin about the new employee or even just forwards the information too late. If a staff member leaves the organization and their rights are not withdrawn in time, this causes security holes in the IT infrastructure. Example: Cyber criminals could use orphaned accounts to gain access to systems.

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • No security holes caused by orphaned accounts

  • Automation of joiner-mover-leaver processes saves time

  • No more inputting data twice (e.g. in HR system and IT system)

Advantages (IT Admins & Infrastructure)

  • Exchange of joiner / leaver lists with HR no longer necessary

  • Data no longer has to be duplicated manually

  • Joiner / mover / leaver events are not overlooked or missed

What Is the Provisioning Process?

tenfold uses its Import Plugin to transfer user data from source systems. The plugin comes with an intuitive graphical user interface which allows you to set multiple simultaneous sources for import. tenfold also has various technical interfaces for importing the data (e.g. CSV import, SQL database queries, RFC and REST calls). All you need to do is adjust the import to the capacities of your HR software. The plugin ensures that the HR database is regularly synchronized with tenfold and also automatically triggers the appropriate workflows.

Screenshot of the IAM software tenfold's user interface. It shows how to define import sources for data imports from other systems.

Which workflows does the Plugin trigger?

When a new user is added to the HR software, the plugin automatically assigns the corresponding roles/profiles and associated standard privileges to the new user. The import function is particularly important to tenfold‘s user lifecycle management feature because the plugin ensures that any relevant joiner-mover-leaver processes are initiated automatically when new data is entered into the HR system. The tenfold import plugin has already been implemented in conjunction with all standard HR management solutions, including SAP HR, LOGA from P&I and DATEV.

Screenshot of the IAM software tenfold's user interface. It illustrates how easily data from others systems (e.g. HR software) can be imported into tenfold.

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