Identity Management & Access Management 

With features that work across systems – e.g. Microsoft® systems Active Directory and Exchange (with support for Office 365®) – tenfold makes managing user accounts easier and safer. The ability to adopt employee data from HR management systems automatically eliminates the necessity for many manual processes and thus helps to make your IT infrastructure less susceptible to external and internal attacks that use stolen login data.

New employees

The simplest way to add new employees in tenfold is to enter them manually into the software. tenfold then automatically creates all necessary user accounts and settings across all connected systems (Active Directory, Microsoft® Dynamics, SAP® ERP, Office 365, etc.). The specific access rights within these systems can also be controlled and monitored via tenfold.

Connection to human resources

In addition, personal data can also be imported from the HR system via database queries, web services or function calls, CSV or XML file very conveniently and with time-control. All attribute settings can be customized freely. tenfold automatically recognizes and processes new employees, resignations and data changes.

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Careers are often subject to all sorts of changes; mostly simple ones that require alteration or extension of employee data, such as name changes due to marriage, a new phone number or a different job title. This new data must be updated one time in tenfold and the software does the rest – it updates all connected target systems with the new data automatically. This guarantees a consistent and standardized database, especially where mandatory attributes, standardized formatting and standardized addresses are concerned.
Organizational modifications usually also require changes to IT system access and privileges. tenfold automatically creates and removes the relevant accounts and access rights and even factors in transition periods.

Planned changes

We usually know about upcoming changes long before they come into effect. With tenfold, you can schedule changes ahead of time and the implementation will be carried out by the software automatically on the set date.

Leaving the company

When an employee leaves the company – for whatever reason – it is necessary to lock their previous access to all IT resources swiftly and securely. When a former employee is deactivated in tenfold, the software will automatically deactivate or delete all of their IT accounts and privileges, which prevents the occurrence of orphaned access rights that may open doors to data theft or abuse.

Historical data

In tenfold, all user data and access rights are archived in an audit-proof manner, which prevents future manipulations and at the same time allows easy auditing of all changes. All information is still available for display and reporting, even after the data has been deleted.

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It has never been so easy to manage users and access rights in one central hub. tenfold reduces administrative efforts to a minimum and makes managing your users and access rights a walk in the park by providing a clear and transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold will aid you in complying with standards, such as ISO 27000, BSI, as well as the demands of the GDPR.

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