Data Owners

Why Do We Need Data Owners?

In tenfold, standard access rights are role-based and assigned automatically on the basis of privilege profiles/roles. However, users can also request additional privileges via tenfold’s self-service. It is not advisable to place the responsibility of approving such privilege requests into the hands of IT admins because they are usually not familiar with the job duties of the user making the request. It is, however, essential that the person evaluating the request is familiar with such details. This is why, in tenfold, you can appoint data owners who are in charge of privileges. This would typically be a department head or person with a similar level of authority.

Advantages (CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers)

  • It is immediately apparent who is responsible for which resource

  • Data owners can decide autonomously who should be granted access to their resources

  • IT staff can no longer be held responsible for incorrect access rights because this task is in the hands of data owners

Advantages (IT Admins & Infrastructure)

  • Data owners do not have to be re-identified manually each time they make a decision

  • Requests are approved or rejected directly by the associated data owner

  • You no longer have to deliver separate reports for each process

What Is the Data Owner Concept?

Once you have specified your data owners, everything else is automated. There are workflows in place that incorporate data owners into various process steps. Furthermore, tenfold regularly prompts data owners to re-evaluate the privileges that fall within their purview. This ensures that there are no incorrect, superfluous and/or obsolete access rights floating around in your organization.

Screenshot depicting how data owners are selected in tenfold’s user interface.

Software That Thinks Ahead

What happens if the a data owner falls ill? What if they leave? For this reason, you can also appoint substitutes and successors in tenfold to ensure processes continue running smoothly, no matter what.

Screenshot that shows how to set substitutes/successors for data owners in the user interface of the access management software tenfold

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