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Rehm GmbH

Founded in 1978, Rehm GmbH provides solutions for securing your IT and meeting regulatory requirements. In addition to serving financial services providers and energy suppliers, we particularly advise and support medium-sized industrial companies in reducing their IT risks by implementing and expanding IT security solutions.

Focus of our activities is the introduction and further development of identity and access management solutions. We have already successfully implemented several Identity and Access Management projects, from completly new development to the migration of existing installations in complex, heterogeneous IT landscapes. We also integrate cloud services and microservices architectures into the identity and access management platforms we manage for our clients.

Due to the high demand for our IT services, we have established an additional branch office in Frankfurt am Main, in addition to our headquarters in Guntersblum. This allows us to better serve our customers on site.


Thomas Rehm

E-Mail: kontakt@rehm.gmbh
Phone: +49 6249/905285

Rehm GmbH
Hermann-Mäckler-Ring 21
60438 Frankfurt