In Singapore, the names (and other personal data) of more than 14,000 people infected with HIV were published online as a result of a data leak. Among those affected are also more than 8,800 foreign patients.

The data were stolen and put online by a US citizen. The man obtained the documents secretly through his former partner, who was head of a national health authority between March 2012 and March 2013. The patients’ names, contact details and other medical and personal information were published.

Reports of security breaches in the health sector have become more frequent recently: Only weeks ago, a GDPR fine of 400.000 Euros was imposed on a hospital in Portugal, which made personal data of patients accessible to unauthorized employees. Data security is a highly important issue which is often neglected.

These kinds of incidents prove how negligently many companies and public institutions treat the sensitive data of their clients and patients. You can easily reduce the risk of data theft and misuse by establishing systematic user and access management structures. Find out more about access rights management with tenfold!

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