The European GDPR is already in force!

Make sure you have sufficient protection for:

  • Least Privilege: Does each user have the permissions he or she actually needs?
  • Distinction: Are approvals and assignments of permissions strictly separated?
  • Reporting: Are you aware of who currently has access to personal data?
  • Transparency: Can you track why a particular user was given access?

GDPR 2016/679

The goal of the European General Data Protection Regulation is to give citizens of the European Union more control over the use of their personal data. In aid of this, companies that process this data will be subject to clear, unified regulations. The basic regulation applies to all companies that process data pertaining to citizens of the European Union. There are serious consequences for not complying with the GDPR: fines of 4% of the global profit or up to 20 million Euros.

Use tenfold to comply with (and prove compliance) with GDPR requirements

tenfold ensures that personal data subject to the GDPR are protected against unlawful use by appropriate access rights. Reduce these rights down to the extent necessary for business operations. Do not risk data theft or misuse of personal data through incorrectly assigned permissions.

Responsible data handling

The responsible handling of personal data entrusted to the company includes, among other things, the fact that the assignment of access rights is subject to clear and transparent processes (see Article 32 – Security of processing).

tenfold uses regulation-compliant authorization procedures to ensure that only those responsible for processing data are able to determine who receives access. Do not rely on manual processes such as e-mails or tickets, as these are subject to media interruptions, which means that correct processing cannot be guaranteed. Avoid the frustration of knowing that processes were carried out formally and correctly, but the associated documentation is missing or cannot be found.

Transparency for years to come

You can now guarantee the reporting of the effective permissions of your users, not only for the current point in time, but for long after the relevant data no longer exists or the employees have long since left the company. The audit-proof storage of all relevant information in an SQL database puts you on the safe side.

Executive Summary

  • The European Union’s GDPR has been in force since May 25th, 2018, and has replaced all previous existing regulations, such as the BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act)
  • It includes clear, strict regulations for the protection of personal data.
  • Non-compliance leads to serious fines.
  • tenfold can help you to comply with the regulation and also prove compliance.
  • Do not waste time – act now!

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