tenfold V24:
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The LDAP plugin enables you to manage users and permissions in numerous LDAP-compatible directory services.

What Does the LDAP Plugin Do?

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the common standard protocol for accessing directory services. The tenfold LDAP plugin allows you to manage users and permissions in a wide range of LDAP-compatible services.

In addition to Windows Active Directory – for which tenfold provides pre-built interfaces – LDAP is used by Oracle’s Internet Directory (OID), Novell eDirectory and the open source platform OpenLDAP. No matter which directory service you use, the LDAP plugin enables tenfold to create, modify and remove users and permissions automatically in any of these services.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • OpenLDAP®

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services® (ADLDS)

  • Novell eDirectory®

  • Oracle Internet Directory® (OID)


User Accounts
  • Create new users

  • Set LDAP attributes

  • Modify passwords

  • Add users to organizational units (OU)

  • Lock + unlock accounts

  • Delete accounts

  • Add users to groups

  • Remove users from groups