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tenfold 2018 – Did you miss out on the GDPR?
Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

We recently released the latest version of tenfold Software GmbH, tenfold 2018 – the software for user and access rights management. As of now, the new version is available for upgrade to our 300+ existing customers.

If you, too, would like to become a tenfold customer, do not hesitate to contact us – we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Managing Exchange access rights according to the European GDPR

The new tenfold 2018 version makes access management in Exchange extra easy. Setting access rights on shared mailboxes or on public folders is now very simple and all involved procedures are documented in an audit-proof manner – meaning that the transparency demands set by the General Data Protection Regulation are entirely fulfilled.

tenfold plugins for easier configuration

tenfold plugins make it easy as pie to integrate your systems and applications into the software. You can make configurations in the settings page of each individual plugin. tenfold plugins have several advantages:

  • You can download and update plugins directly via the tenfold marketplace.
  • Administrators can change settings autonomously, no programming knowledge required.
  • Three new plugins make certain company-specific procedures more flexible: PowerShell, SSH (Secure Shell) and Groovy (Java).

Get on top of it – with PowerShell

The new PowerShell plugin allows administrators to automate many routine activities. Activation is very simple and takes 10 minutes max.
Of course you can also integrate existing scripts. PowerShell will help you get a better and more transparent overview of your expenditures.

More comfort for administrators

This release also provides some bug fixes and improved functions, such as:

  • Direct administration of HTTPS and LDAPS certificates via the web interface
  • Standardization and modification of e-mail templates through master templates
  • Legacy workflows have been made into new, graphical BPMN workflows

tenfold Marketplace

define basis-file-rules very simple

field-mapping between tenfold and Active Directory

The best update ever:
tenfold 2017 available

The most comprehensive tenfold update in history was published on 1 August 2017, after more than a year in development. The new version of the well-known rights management software has been revised and expanded from the ground up.

Whole new look and feelNEW-Button

The entire user interface has been revised, and updated to match the current HTML5 standard. All application scenarios have been greatly simplified; acceptance of tenfold by end users will improve.

Very user friendly

Not only that, a new, very user friendly self-service interface is available, from which users can not only request rights and other IT resources, but also directly and quickly access important tasks. This includes, for example, granting open requests, or a simple reset function for forgotten passwords. The ‘Assistance’ function helps end users not well versed in IT to register their request, even if they cannot name or are unable to find the desired resource.

New Evaluation Options

The new evaluation options provide better oversight regarding rights. The ‘Auditor’ function makes it easier to track rights changes in the active directory and on file servers, as well as in Exchange, SharePoint and other applications.

Expert Function

A new expert function for editing users simplifies the process for the IT administrator. This function displays all assigned rights for a single user in an easy to understand tree structure. New rights can simply be assigned using drag & drop from the quick search menu.

Graphic Presentation

Another addition, the ‘Active Directory Pathfinder’, provides an easy to use graphic representation of active directory objects and group memberships. Tip: the pathfinder can be called directly from any active directory object in the interface.

Better Security

In the profile system, workflows now ensure proper security and traceability for manual assignation of profiles. The profile comparison has also been simplified, and is now much more user friendly.

Additional options for standard reports now display even more information. For example, for every user directory position, the program can display the date on which access rights were granted and who approved the access.

Latest Technology

Significant updates have also been made to the basic software. tenfold is now built on the latest Java Enterprise Edition 7 technology, and the most recent Java 8 Virtual Machine. Modernization provides significant performance improvements for the web frontend, which in turn has a positive effect on the user experience. In addition, the improved backend allows for a significant increase in development speed. This means that improvements can be made available in a much shorter time period than was previously possible.

Executive Summary

  • New, user friendly self-service system for end users
  • Significant improvements to audit and reporting options
  • Graphic evaluation of the active directory structures
  • Profile and workflow improvements
  • Upgrade to the latest Java technology
tenfold 2017 - New look & feel

tenfold 2017 – New look & feel

‘Quick Search’ for rapid user information

tenfold 2017 Expert Function

tenfold 2017 Expert Function

Fileserver Rights - clearer than ever

Fileserver Rights – clearer than ever

Easy recognition of profile deviations

Easy recognition of profile deviations

Manage IT rights with tenfold 2017 – newNEW-Button

New look and feel, with improved functions