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With the OTRS plugin, manual activities in tenfold can be created and treated as tickets in OTRS.

What Does the OTRS Plugin Do?

With the OTRS plugin, manual activities in tenfold can be created as tickets in the open source ticket system OTRS (Open Technology Real Services), which is used in many IT departments to manage requests of any kind (faults, changes, information requests) through a helpdesk system.

The option to create tickets allows tenfold to handle processes that cannot be automated using another plugin, either because there is no plugin or because they require physical tasks (e.g., assigning new hardware). The ticket number is stored in tenfold as a reference. As soon as the ticket or change is closed in OTRS, the activity is also closed in tenfold.

The advantage here is that you do not have to switch between tenfold and the ticket system to process the request. Additionally, the process is logged in tenfold and can be retrieved for audits later down the road.

required license
Enterprise Edition

System Requirements:

  • OTRS 4.x or 5.x or 6.x (operating system and OTRS database are not relevant)

  • Import of SOAP web services to OTRS

  • Service users with OTRS permissions


Create Tickets
  • The ticket text can saved as a template. Placeholders like user and department are filled in automatically.

  • If several resources are requested at the same time, these requests can be grouped so that only one ticket is generated.

Periodical Status Queries
  • The status of all tickets created by tenfold is reviewed periodically

  • If the person working on the ticket closes it in OTRS, the request is also automatically closed in tenfold and any subsequent actions, such as e-mail notifications, are also triggered automatically.

Note on User Accounts
  • tenfold does not currently support the management of user accounts in OTRS itself. We recommend using the Active Directory as an external backend, which in turns enables management via tenfold.

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