tenfold OTRS Plugin

OTRS (Open Technology Real Services; formerly Open Ticket Request System) is a widely spread open source request-tracking system. IT departments use it to administer all types of requests (disturbances, change requests, information requests) in helpdesk units.


In tenfold, it is sometimes practical or even necessary to delegate certain manual tasks (which are part of a workflow) to a ticket system. For instance, if:

  • an application requires a specific task (e.g. create new user account or assign permission), but it is not possible to automate this task using a plugin. This may be the case if said application does not provide an API or if developing the necessary plugin would simply be too complex, time-consuming and/or costly.
  • a non-automatable request is generated in tenfold. This might be a request for a hardware component or any other type of asset.


Although the OTRS plugin is unable to provide the requested resource (system, permissions or asset) automatically, it will create a ticket instructing the helpdesk to carry out the required task. With each new ticket, tenfold records the OTRS ticket number in the tenfold database. This has the following advantages:

  • The process is consistently documented. This is extremely useful for audits later on, because requests and workflows are linked to the documentation of the manual adaptations in the OTRS.
  • No more media disruptions and no duplicate entries. tenfold regularly checks their statuses, based on the ticket number, and automatically closes the request when the OTRS ticket has been closed by the operator.


  • Use of OTRS standard interface (Generic Connector) via SOAP web services.
  • Secure connection via HTTPS and authentication through service user
  • Create tickets
    • Ticket texts can be saved in the form of templates in tenfold. These placeholders are automatically replaced in the same way that templates in the tenfold e-mail notification plugin are replaced
    • If several resources are requested at the same time, it is possible to group them so that only one ticket is generated that takes all resources into account.
  • Periodical status checks
    • The status of all tickets created by tenfold is checked regularly. If the agent closes the ticket in OTRS, the request is automatically closed in tenfold. This also automatically triggers subsequent steps, such as an e-mail notification to the user.

Attention: The administration of user accounts in OTRS itself is currently not supported by this plugin. For easier administration of user accounts, we recommend using Active Directory as an “External Backend”, which enables administration via tenfold (see “Related links” below).

System Requirements

  • OTRS 4.x or 5.x or 6.x (operating system and OTRS database are not relevant)
  • Import of SOAP web services to OTRS (see “Related links“ below)
  • Service users with OTRS permissions

Required license

tenfold configuration in OTRS

tenfold user interface with OTRS

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