Office 365® User Lifecycle Plugin


With the tenfold Office 365 User Lifecycle Plugin, you can easily assign Office 365 users licenses via tenfold. The ability to implement this process via tenfold has a number of advantages:

  • No login to another portal (Office 365 admin application) required
  • Every license assignment it documented automatically
  • License assignments can be controlled through workflows
  • Licenses can be used in profiles: This means that it is possible to activate a specific license for certain departments or offices automatically during the user creation process.


Easy configuration

  • Tenant
  • Login data
  • Setting “Usage location“ based on user attributes

Settings for mailbox creation

  • Can be done automatically when a license is being assigned
  • Detailed setting configurations are possible via the Exchange Mailbox Lifecycle Plugin

Functionalities for assignment and removal of licenses

  • Assign new licenses to a user
  • Removal of existing licenses
  • Changing of licenses


  • Regular alignment during license assignment
  • Detection and documentation of external changes

System requirements

Required License

Download information as .pdf:


Configuration of the settings

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It has never been easier to manage and keep track of your users and their access rights in one centralized software. Administrators, managers and your company as a whole will benefit from tenfold, as it provides a transparent overview of all access rights. tenfold can help you comply with standards, like ISO 27000, BSI, etc., and offers worthwhile functions for managing users and access rights.

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