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File Server Migration and Clean-Up
(powered by migRaven)

We have a long-standing partnership with in Berlin. In collaboration with migRaven, aikux has developed an excellent tool that helps to prepare file servers for tenfold.

Redesigning Permissions

Before going live with tenfold, you can use migRaven to clean up and smooth out permissions on file servers. migRaven stands for redesign, optimization and migration of directory structures and access rights in Microsoft environments. You can modify thousands of folders without affecting the live system at all. Via drag and drop, these folders are given new, clean access rights that remain clean for a sustainable period of time.

Ideal for tenfold Preparation

To implement tenfold effectively, we strongly recommend first unifying and cleaning up the existing permission structures. migRaven allows you to create hundreds of permission groups and list rights in the AD, connect them with one another and write them into all folder ACLs – and you can do so for thousands of users and hundreds of directories simultaneously, in a matter of seconds! To achieve this, migRaven reads and cleans up the old rights and permissions to create a new permission structure which is fully compatible with tenfold (and fully conforming to Microsoft best practices). The new structure, which is now effective across all folder levels, is transferred to tenfold and thus ready for use.

Features for Windows allows you to re-assign entirely new permissions in Windows and to migrate and/or restructure your file servers. The optional GPO Deploy lets you generate new permission groups quickly and roll them out to the existing system. for Windows DO: To optimize coordination of the file server migration and restructuring processes, you may opt to add the Data Owner Client license to your package, which will allow you to incorporate different departments into the migration process. To do so, project administrators simply have to assign the relevant network resources to the respective Data Owners for processing and later seamlessly add the results to the project. Novell Edition makes it possible to sustainably transfer your Novell file system to a Microsoft file server system, in accordance with Microsoft best practices. You can then proceed to plan a new target structure equipped with consistent and efficient access rights.

System Requirements

The following file server types are currently supported:

  • Windows Server 2003 – 2016
  • NetApp
  • EMC

Notice: The features migration and clean-up are based on the product “migRaven“ manufactured by our partners GmbH in Berlin.


As migRaven partner, we are your first point of contact for questions concerning the cleanup of file server structures. Send us your inquiry today:

Cleanup Fileserver with migraven (2)_tenfold

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Cleanup Fileserver with migraven_tenfold

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