Access Governance

The purpose of access governance is to reduce the risk of data theft or abuse that arises when employees are assigned incorrect access rights.
The introduction of regulatory measures, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other country or industry-specific standards and laws, has motivated companies to start dealing with the risks of data abuse (and how best to avoid them) at a more strategic level.
tenfold allows the establishment and implementation of IT access policies with which incidents that may lead to data theft can be avoided. At the same time, these policies help to save the costs that would have been otherwise incurred for the manual implementation of these measures.

Role Concept

In tenfold, you can store business roles, referred to as profiles, which contain access rights from different systems. If an employee is assigned a profile, tenfold makes sure that the necessary user accounts are created automatically (if they do not yet exist) and that any relevant access rights are also assigned.

In tenfold, you can either assign profiles manually or let tenfold link them to the relevant departments, positions or locations automatically, thereby eliminating the need for manual efforts when it comes to assigning profiles. tenfold automatically recognizes which profiles employees need, based on their department and/or other attributes. tenfold also removes any outdated profiles automatically, either immediately or after a defined transition period. This finally stop the unnecessary and unmindful accumulation of access rights among employees.

Companies are often reluctant to tackle business roles because they fear that a disproportionate amount of effort will be involved in the process.
The tenfold Profile Assistant makes setting up business roles extra easy. Using statistical methods, tenfold automatically generates profile recommendations, based on the existing access rights of other users within a department or team.


Every work environment is subject to dynamic changes that will inevitably affect your staff’s area(s) of responsibility. Each shift in duties means that any correlated IT access rights are subject to the same changes and dynamics and must therefore be adjusted accordingly. Without the right form of support, IT departments and business units have great trouble keeping up with these changes.
Re-certification is a mechanism tenfold provides which ensures that the relevant persons in charge are able to review and update user accounts and access rights, according to certain risk classifications, on a regular basis.
All settings can be defined according to specific policies:

  • Group of persons
  • Included systems and access rights
  • Intervals for automatic start
  • Maximum duration and procedures

All processes involved in re-certification are 100% system-based, including notifications to data owners, the tenfold interface, as well as extensive evaluation functions found in the IT auditor.


The ability to track and retrace data is vital to IT compliance. Most regulations – including the General Data Protection Regulation – demand an increased level of alertness from IT departments when granting access to critical data. Special focus is placed on personal data. The growing number of revealed incidents of data protection violation illustrates how great the potential for damages related to incorrectly assigned IT privileges really is.

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Technical Auditing

To guarantee seamless traceability, it is not enough to monitor the processes for user and access rights data that were conducted in tenfold itself. The tenfold auditor allows you to also view those modifications that bypassed tenfold’s workflows and were, instead, made directly in the target systems.
To do so, tenfold regularly synchronizes itself with all connected systems to recognize differences in workflow data. This function is supported by all plugins and thus allows you to monitor deviations and external changes across all systems.

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