Identity And Access Management: Everything You Need To Know

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You have probably heard the term “Identity and Access Management” in relation to IT security before – but what is IAM? And what is it used for? What Is Identity and Access Management? Identity and access management (IAM) stands for the management of IT users and their access rights. It covers the entire spectrum [...]

Austria: Company Pays 4 Million Euros Ransom due to Ransomware Attack

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There are numerous reasons as to why data theft and hacking or phishing attacks occur: outdated systems, insufficient backups and security updates and a lack of risk awareness. The results are damages in the millions – and the situation is getting worse, explains Rémi Vrignaud, head of the Allianz Group in Austria: "It is [...]

Statistics Austria: One out of Ten Companies Takes No Measures To Improve IT Security

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A survey conducted by Statistics Austria on the use of information and communication technologies in companies shows that IT security ranks high in importance among Austrian businesses. Nine out of ten companies take precautions against cyber attacks and just over half of them have contractual agreements with employees to further guarantee cyber security. Large [...]

Ransomware: The Human Factor

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According to the “Evil Internet Minute 2019” report compiled by RiskIQ, cybercrime caused $1.5 billion in worldwide damages in 2018. Ransomware attacks on companies especially have been on the rise. Between the second quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2019, the total number of ransomware attacks on enterprises increased by 363 percent. Financial [...]

Cyber insurance: Nice idea, but is it effective?

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In 2018, cybercrimes caused 45 billion US dollars worth of damages worldwide. To put that into perspective: in the same year, all global natural disasters combined generated damages of 140 billion dollars. It is therefore hardly surprising that, in recent years, insurance companies have jumped on the cyber security train in the form of [...]

Application Security: 5 Steps to Protect Your Apps Against Data Theft

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These days, computer drives are by far not the only place where companies tend to store their critical data. Applications, such as CRM or ERP systems, are known for containing copious amounts of confidential and personal data that require protection from unauthorized access. These data include customer information, sales figures, personal information and more. [...]

GDPR violation: 14,5 million Euro fine for “Deutsche Wohnen”

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The German data protection authority has imposed the highest GDPR fine to date on real estate company Deutsche Wohnen (“German Living): 14.5 million Euros. The enterprise is being accused of storing sensitive data on tenants and failing to reconfirm whether the data still need to be kept or not. An audit back in 2017 [...]

IT security: Economic sector demands state to impose stricter regulations

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The TÜV Association (Technical Supervisory Association) recently commissioned polling institute Ipsos to conduct a representative survey on the topic of IT security. A total of 503 companies with at least ten employees was surveyed. The results were as clear as they were surprising: 47 percent of IT security managers, IT department heads and other [...]

3 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Access Rights

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In most companies, access rights are issued according to strict guidelines. In contrast, however, there is usually no structured process in place at all for the removal of access rights that are no longer needed. Department changes, resignations and special rights leave a trail of chaos along the privilege landscape. The saying goes that [...]

4 Examples Of Insider Threats And How To Prevent Them

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An "insider threat" is a security risk posed by a current or former employee or a business partner. This person has access to confidential company information and treats this information in an abusive or negligent manner – in other words, he or she steals the data. Conventional security measures typically focus on external attacks [...]