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Data Breach: When Nightmares Become Reality

By |2020-02-12T18:56:37+01:0012 / 02 / 2020|BLOG|

Our world is becoming more digitized by the minute; but as great as the opportunities presented by the advancements in digitization may be, they are accompanied by equally great risks. When asked about their worst imaginable scenario, IT managers will answer in unison: a large-scale data breach. For German car rental company Buchbinder, this [...]

Austria: Company Pays 4 Million Euros Ransom due to Ransomware Attack

By |2020-02-04T10:05:04+01:0019 / 12 / 2019|BLOG|

There are numerous reasons as to why data theft and hacking or phishing attacks occur: outdated systems, insufficient backups and security updates and a lack of risk awareness. The results are damages in the millions – and the situation is getting worse, explains Rémi Vrignaud, head of the Allianz Group in Austria: "It is [...]

Cyber Insurance: Nice Idea, but Is It Effective?

By |2020-02-14T14:39:17+01:0021 / 11 / 2019|BLOG|

In 2018, cybercrimes caused 45 billion US dollars worth of damages worldwide. To put that into perspective: in the same year, all global natural disasters combined generated damages of 140 billion dollars. It is therefore hardly surprising that, in recent years, insurance companies have jumped on the cyber security train in the form of [...]

IT Security: Economic Sector Demands State to Impose Stricter Regulations

By |2020-02-14T14:57:53+01:0007 / 11 / 2019|BLOG|

The TÜV Association (Technical Supervisory Association) recently commissioned polling institute Ipsos to conduct a representative survey on the topic of IT security. A total of 503 companies with at least ten employees was surveyed. The results were as clear as they were surprising: 47 percent of IT security managers, IT department heads and other [...]